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I have been very pleased with the THX281 portable hardness tester. The ability ...
Donald Norsworthy on 07/01/2014
A great, affordable, compact unit. So simple to use. The API has changed some re...
Mark on 20/05/2015
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SADT HTP 1700 hardness tester

Price: $1,299.00 $449.00
Product Code:  sadt-1700
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Condition:  New
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NOTE: Rebound type testers are NOT suitable for thin light weight parts like sheet metal, knives, bolts, nuts, washers etc.
Please read these notes that apply to ALL Leeb type testers from any manufacturer.

HTP 1700 is an advanced state-of-the-art integrated hand held sized metal hardness tester which incorporates the impact device and controller into one unit. It easily fits in a pocket. Using patented “two coils” technology, SADT HTP 1700 gives extraordinarily high accuracy up to +/-2 HL and universal angle. There is no need to set up impact direction when taking measurements as they are automatically adjusted to any test direction, even upside down. HTP 1700 will be used easily by menu operation even without operation manual. Its battery can be charged simply from USB port, also it has a customer re-calibration and statistics function.

Device conforms to the Standard ASTM A956-02 & DIN 50156 .


  • 1 year warranty
  • Integrated design, easy operation
  • Digital with high contrast LCD display
  • High accuracy with patented technology: +/- 2 HL (or 0.3% @ HL 800)
  • Memories with 300 data, data can be recalled easily
  • USB interface, it can connect to computer
  • Customer re-calibration allowed
  • 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery, it can be charged by USB or power source
  • Statistics value can be calculated automatically
  • With strength conversion value

d e l S A D T H T P 1 7 0

Model SADT HTP 1700
Principle Leeb hardness measurement
Accuracy/Repeatability ±0.3% @ HL=800 / ± 2HL
Display LCD with backlight
Hardness Scale HL / HRC / HRB / HB / HV / HS / HRA /σb
Measuring Range HL170-960 / HRC17-70 / HRB13-109 / HB20-655 / HV80-940 / HS32-99.5 / HRA30-88 / σb(rm)255-2639N/mm 2
Impact Device D
Materials 10 common metal materials
Steel/Cast steel, Alloy tool steel, Stainless steel, Grey cast iron GG, Nodular cast iron, Cast alu minum, Copper-Zinc brass, Copper aluminium, Wrought copper, Forged steel
Memory 300 data can be saved and re-readable
Statistics Function Average / Max. / Min.
Re-Calibration Allowed by user
Indicator Low Battery
Interface USB forcharging or transferring data with PC
Power Supply 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
Working Environment -10º C~+45 º C
Dimensions (mm) 148x44x22
Net Weight (g) 110
Standards Conforming to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T 17394-1998


Standard package
HTP 1700
HTP 1700 main unit 1
Internal impact device D 1
Test block D 1
Cleaning brush 1
3.7 V Li-ion rechargeable battery (internal) 1
USB cable 1
Operation manual 1
Test Certificate 1
Carrying case




IMPACT DEVICE        D   HLD: 170-960
Materials HV HB HRC HRB HSD Tensile strength (MPa)
Steel & Cast Steel 80-940 80-647 20.0-67.9 59.6-99.5 32.5-99.5 375-1710
Cold Work Tool Steel 80-898   20.5-67.1     1170-2639
Stainless Steel 85-802 85-655 19.6-62.4 46.5-101.7   740-1725
Cast Iron w/lamellar graphite   93-334        
Cast Iron w/nodular graphite   131-387        
Cast Aluminum Alloys 80-195 30-159   23-85    
Brass   40-173   13.5-95.3    
Bronze   60-290   14-100    
Copper   45-315   14-100    
Forging Steel   142-651        
Rolling Steel   140-651        


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